Ops Session: Interchange to Warrant

Model train locomotive

“Let’s get this show on the road.” Tyler groaned inwardly. In the seven months that he’s been a conductor at the Central Prairie Railway, Tyler has worked with all of the eight engineers that the CePR employs. Some are better than others, but Rick is definitely the corniest. He has his standard phrases, and he uses them on every trip. At least he’s predictable.

Ops Session: Yard Work in Grand Plains

Close focus on model railway track

Ivan handed the switch list over to Abhishek. “Light work today,” he said, “but get it done as soon as you can before CN comes to pick up their cars.”
Abhi, as his coworkers knew him, walked out to the cab of 4242 and climbed up to to his spot on the left side of the cab, opposite the engineer, Dan. He echoed the yardmaster’s words: “Light work today.”

Ops Session: Switching in Warrant

Red model train

The first train to Warrant had some work to do! After engineer Greg and conductor Tyler brought the train into Warrant, they had to do some switching before they could go for lunch. You may recall they had five boxcars (including two refrigerated boxcars) and a grain hopper, plus the engine (ex CP 4242) and … Read more

Ops Session: First Train to Warrant

Model train on a curve

Ivan looked out over the Central Prairie Railway’s rail yard in Grand Plains and counted cars. The yard master saw there were enough waiting rail cars to justify sending a train to Warrant. He pulled out his cell phone and made a few calls. While the crew dispatcher ordered a road crew, the yard crew … Read more

Ops Session: CePR Switching

A few hours after CN dropped three cars off at the interchange, the Central Prairie Railway fired up their ex CP C424 locomotive to retrieve the cars and do some switching.

Ops Session: CN Switching

CN’s branch line crew was called for 06:30 to take three cars to the Central Prairie Railway interchange, and spot a covered hopper at the plastics factory. CN 3665 Locomotive ACFX 59974 Plastics factory NIRX 232001 McCain via CePR interchange SKNX 397392 UGG elevator via CePR interchange SKNX 397387 UGG elevator via CePR interchange CN … Read more

Caleb Comes to Operate

My friend Caleb Wentzell was in Winnipeg for a few weeks, taking a course over in Transcona with his employer, CN. He had been watching my YouTube layout videos and wanted to operate my layout. To be honest, I was a little nervous, because nothing had turned a wheel on my layout since late in … Read more

Operating Session – September 2018

I held another solo operating session during the month of September 2018, and produced a 5-part series of videos documenting the session. If you want to watch the entire series, you can view this playlist. Introduction In the introductory video, I talked about the changes I made prior to this session. They included the introduction … Read more

Operating Session – July 2018

I held a solo operating session during the month of July 2018, and recorded the session for your viewing enjoyment. I operated eight trains. The session includes every scheduled non-VIA train on my layout, which includes: CN 214 – a through train CN 403 – works the CP interchange in Georgetown and the Cargill grain … Read more