Operating Session – September 2018

I held another solo operating session during the month of September 2018, and produced a 5-part series of videos documenting the session. If you want to watch the entire series, you can view this playlist. Introduction In the introductory video, I talked about the changes I made prior to this session. They included the introduction … Read more

CP 949 and CP 975

After the last operating session, I had two more trains to run: CP 949 (Winnipeg to Brandon via Georgetown); and CP 975 (Brandon to Minnedosa) Both are fairly limited in the switching they do in Georgetown, so they were quicker than CP 948 in particular to run.   CP 949 The instructions for CP 949 … Read more

Second Operating Session with Car Cards

After my first operating session with car cards, I made one significant change, then started running some CP trains. Here are a few videos showing the trains. Train Information Card I added a train information card to the front of the card packet. This gives the train number, origin and destination of the train, departure time, … Read more

First Circumnavigation of my Train Room

Here’s my first video showing the track running all the way around my train room. It is very clearly rough track and it needs a lot of work, but you have to start somewhere. The part at the start and the end is temporary and is coming out, to be replaced by something a lot sturdier. … Read more

Automated Staging Yard

Here’s a video of something quite cool – an automated staging yard. I am very impressed by the engineering and craftsmanship behind this. Hat tip to the excellent blog CP Rail Manitoba & Minnesota Sub for linking to the video.

Truro Model Railroad Association

Jeff Keddy sent along a link to this cool video about the Truro Model Railroad Association. The Truro Model Railroaders Association – The History Part 1 from Jonathan harnish on Vimeo. It was done by the Nova Scotia Community College Radio and Television Arts course. The TMRA have their own web site.

Winnipeg Model Train Show October 2010

I visited the Winnipeg model train show on Saturday (Oct 16). There were several impressive layouts at the show, and here are some photos and video of the event. The photo above, and the video below, show a model Ontario Northlander running around the Free-Mo layout on the ground floor. I like the Free-Mo idea … Read more