Operating Session – September 2018

I held another solo operating session during the month of September 2018, and produced a 5-part series of videos documenting the session.

If you want to watch the entire series, you can view this playlist.


In the introductory video, I talked about the changes I made prior to this session. They included the introduction of switch lists rather than using the destination inserts in car cards, as well as the introduction of a VIA train into the scheduled lineup of trains.

Episode 1

The “episode 1” video features three trains:

  • CN 214 – a through train
  • CN 403 – works the CP interchange in Georgetown and the Cargill grain elevator at Helene
  • CP 976 – branch line train from Minnedosa to Winnipeg

Episode 2

Episode 2 featured three more trains: CP 949, VIA 1 and CN 404. This was the first appearance of a VIA train in one of my operating sessions.

Episode 3

Episode 3 had the last three trains of the day: CP 948, CP 975, and CN 215. CP 948 had a lot of switching to do.

Switching Cargill

As kind of a postscript to the operating session, I included a video of leased unit CN 4497 switching the Cargill grain elevator after the session.

You can view the entire series on YouTube.

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