SuperTrain 2024

I attended my first SuperTrain this year! SuperTrain is Canada’s largest train show, and is held in Calgary, Alberta every April. This year it was in the Genesis Centre, a spacious facility in the northwest part of the city. My friend Brian Schuff and his lovely wife Deana offered me a lift to the show, … Read more

Prototype: Loading Ramp at Debert

Photograph of railway track with a sign DEBERT

I recently constructed a loading ramp on my layout to better serve the CN team track. It was loosely modeled after a few ramps I’ve seen in the past, including the loading ramp that used to be in Debert, Nova Scotia.

Rapido’s 3800 Grain Hopper

Gray model train car on model track

On a layout like my Central Prairie Railway, you need a lot of grain hoppers. I recently received a Rapido 3800 cubic foot hopper car and I took it for a drive on my layout.

Ops Session: Interchange to Warrant

Model train locomotive

“Let’s get this show on the road.” Tyler groaned inwardly. In the seven months that he’s been a conductor at the Central Prairie Railway, Tyler has worked with all of the eight engineers that the CePR employs. Some are better than others, but Rick is definitely the corniest. He has his standard phrases, and he uses them on every trip. At least he’s predictable.

The Train Box

I’m not a very sentimental person. I don’t tend to keep a lot of keepsakes, and when we travel, I usually don’t buy souvenirs. I rely on my photos and my memories. However, this box means a lot to me.

RIP Iain Rice

I was sorry to hear that Iain Rice passed away on October 8, 2022. This is a great loss for the modeling community. My condolences to his family.

Ops Session: Yard Work in Grand Plains

Close focus on model railway track

Ivan handed the switch list over to Abhishek. “Light work today,” he said, “but get it done as soon as you can before CN comes to pick up their cars.”
Abhi, as his coworkers knew him, walked out to the cab of 4242 and climbed up to to his spot on the left side of the cab, opposite the engineer, Dan. He echoed the yardmaster’s words: “Light work today.”

Recent Acquisitions

Model train locomotive

I purchased a few HO scale model railway cars at an estate sale recently. They will be worthy additions to my fleet once I check them over and maybe tune them up a bit. The locomotive, CN 4109, is a dummy GP9 that appears to have been renumbered. The numbers are way too small. I’m … Read more