Ops Session: CN Switching

CN’s branch line crew was called for 06:30 to take three cars to the Central Prairie Railway interchange, and spot a covered hopper at the plastics factory.

ACFX59974Plastics factory
NIRX232001McCain via CePR interchange
SKNX397392UGG elevator via CePR interchange
SKNX397387UGG elevator via CePR interchange

Arriving at the interchange, the crew left the majority of the train on the main line and took CN 3665 and the hopper ahead, then reversed into the industry spur to spot the hopper.

The plastics factory definitely needs some buildings beyond the ramshackle shack.

Leaving the bulk of the train on the main line, the crew went into the interchange track and hooked onto the three cars waiting there.

They pulled forward onto the main, then pushed the cars back across the CN-CePR diamond to get them out of the way. They did this so the interchange track was empty.

Using the siding, they ran around the cars destined for the CePR. They had already pushed the caboose back. In the future, it might make more sense to drop the caboose well back on their way in to avoid another move.

Now it was time to push the cars into the CePR interchange track, then latch onto the cars to take back to CN.

Note that during the runaround, they latched onto the caboose and pulled it and dropped it on the main between the two siding switches.

Almost done…

Finally, they ran around the caboose and pushed back onto it to complete the train.

Ready to head back home after a brake test!