Putting a DCC Decoder in a Proto 1000 RDC

I installed a TCS decoder in a Walthers Proto 1000 RDC today. It was pretty straightforward! The basic process is as follows: Remove the shell (and couplers) Cut traces on the board inside Solder decoder wiring harness to board Tape decoder down Replace shell Program decoder… and play! Here are the steps. Just a generic caution – … Read more

Model Train Store Directory

I’ve created a new model train store directory to list all of the train stores in Canada. The existing directories on the NMRA and CAORM web sites are woefully out of date, so I decided to “roll my own”. I’m using the Business Directory plugin for WordPress and it seems to work quite well. Please … Read more

A Little Rant About Prices

Warning: A little rant ahead. For Canadian model railroaders, this is a truly golden age. There has never been such a variety of Canadian model train equipment available, either new or used via eBay or Kijiji or Craigslist or whatever. Looking for a CP “Minibox” boxcar? No problem. You want a high quality GMD1, previously … Read more

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Phoenix Model Train Stores

Here are a few links to Phoenix model train stores and train stores near Phoenix, Arizona. An Affair With Trains Arizona Train Depot (Mesa) Hobby Bench (Phoenix and Glendale) (website not responding Dec 2016) Roy’s Train World (closed in 2014) Mesa Models (website not responding July 2017) Hobo Bill’s Train House (may be closed) (was Jack’s Trains) (Glendale) Also see … Read more