Wheel Stops and Track Bumpers

Call them what you want – wheel stops, track bumpers, buffers – but there has to be something at the end of each track to prevent cars from rolling off the end of the rail onto the ground. Railways and industries have used a variety of devices over the years, and I will describe a … Read more

Painting Track

I spent a bit of time on my layout recently. I’ve been overwhelmed with the thought of applying scenery to the entire layout, so I decided to do it one area at a time. The first area I selected was the peninsula, home of the concrete grain elevator, so the first step was to paint the track. … Read more

Filling the Tie Gaps

When you are laying flex track, you often have to cut a tie or two off each end to make room for the rail joiners. Once the track is down, you have an unsightly and unrealistic gap in the ties. It’s simple to fill in this gap. Keep those cut off ties for later use. … Read more