Painting Track

I spent a bit of time on my layout recently. I’ve been overwhelmed with the thought of applying scenery to the entire layout, so I decided to do it one area at a time. The first area I selected was the peninsula, home of the concrete grain elevator, so the first step was to paint the track. … Read more


I am in the midst of installing backdrops for my model train layout. Backdrops provide the background for your scenery and hide all the ugly stuff that might be behind your layout. For example, the Woodland Scenics risers I use to bring the CP Rail line up to the stacked staging work well, but they are ugly. … Read more

Fantasy Locos

John Longhurst’s latest post featured a few photos from Jeff King’s Milwaukee Road Train Shop site, showing the fantasy locos (locomotives) he paints. Jeff does model painting as a job, and he does it well. The photos that John linked to are really special, as they are “fantasy” paint schemes that do not exist in … Read more