RIP Iain Rice

I was sorry to hear that Iain Rice passed away on October 8, 2022. This is a great loss for the modeling community. My condolences to his family.

Readers of Model Railroader and its associated magazines like Great Model Railroads and especially Model Railroad Planner will recognize his name. Iain was a prolific writer and many of his articles were published in the above magazines, and no doubt in many other magazines as well. He wrote or co-authored quite a few books.

I remember Iain mostly for his track plans. These works of art adorned his articles in MRP and elsewhere and were very different from the typical Model Railroader track plans.

His track plans flowed. His track plans look like they were grown on the page, rather than inscribed with the use of a pencil, steel ruler and compass.

You can see the time and care he put into every track plan. They were art, plain and simple, and distinctively his.

Thank you for your many contributions to the hobby, Iain.

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