Recent Acquisitions

I purchased a few HO scale model railway cars at an estate sale recently. They will be worthy additions to my fleet once I check them over and maybe tune them up a bit.

The locomotive, CN 4109, is a dummy GP9 that appears to have been renumbered. The numbers are way too small. I’m pretty sure this is an Athearn “blue box” locomotive. I will check the coupler heights and maybe add some weight to the locomotive. It’s important for dummy locomotives to have enough weight so they don’t derail when being pushed by the powered locomotive.

Saskatchewan Minerals model train car

ACFX 44742, a Saskatchewan Minerals covered hopper, is a potash car made by McKean Models. This is a pretty nice model but it will go through the standard checks for coupler height and weight.

Bright red grain hopper model

CPWX 606592 is a “Trudeau hopper” in bright red livery. I think this is a Model Power car and it will definitely need more weight.

Black CP Rail model train car

CP 388500 is very dusty – it might need a wash. It is far too light so it’ll get some weights. It’s too bad we don’t circulate pennies any more, as they made pretty good car weights.

Black CP Rail model train car

CP 456224 is going to go into maintenance of way service once it gets checked over.

Black CP Rail model train car

CP 359943 is a coal car. I don’t have much use for coal cars on my layout so I’m not sure if this will get used, or go into storage.

Layout Update

I have done zero – zip – nada on my layout over the past few months.

However today I spent an hour or so clearing off all the stuff that has been piled on the layout. I even swapped out a few cars at the various industries and sidings. Could an ops session be next? Tune in and find out.