Ready for Service

I picked up these two Walthers all-door boxcars at a toy show in Morden, Manitoba. I just had a few steps to go through before they were ready for service. This kind of car was used for paper service and most were owned by paper companies, such as Boise Cascade and Weyerhauser as seen here. I paid $30 … Read more

A Few Small Car Repairs

I had a little time so I decided to do some car repairs in the train room. I picked two cars and got to work. Caboose CN 79575 had two problems… a low coupler and it leaned to one side. I tackled the leaning problem first. I knew why it leaned. I had added weights to … Read more

Aye, There’s the (Wheel) Rub

My niece and nephew were over for a visit a few days ago, and my nephew wanted to see the “choo choos”. We went downstairs and he got up on the step stool to see the trains. He showed me that he wanted an intermodal train to run, so I hitched CN 3665 to the … Read more