The 2017 Winnipeg Model Railroad Club Open House

Winnipeg Model Railroad Club 2017 Open House
Winnipeg Model Railroad Club 2017 Open House

The Winnipeg Model Railroad Club held its 2017 Open House this past weekend. It was held on April 1-2 at the club’s regular meeting place in the basement of the Legion on Roblin Boulevard.

The open house featured several layouts from several local modeling groups as well as some private portable layouts, in a variety of scales. I was impressed by the modeling talents of every display.

The winners of the modeling contests were displayed along one wall, with the winners of the photo contests on an adjacent wall.

Here’s some photos I took of the open house.

Winnipeg Model Railroad Club 2017 Open House
Winnipeg Model Railroad Club 2017 Open House
Rail Train!
Rail Train!
Winnipeg Model Railroad Club 2017 Open House
Winnipeg Model Railroad Club 2017 Open House
Bents Grain Elevator
Bents Grain Elevator
The Assiniboine Valley Railroad was there!
The Assiniboine Valley Railroad was there!
I really liked the detail on the locomotive and the pump jack.
I really liked the detail on the locomotive and the pump jack.
Ian Plett at work!
Ian Plett at work!
Trains and Grain Elevators... mmm.
Trains and Grain Elevators… mmm.
Paul Ullrich's layout is always popular with the kids.
Paul Ullrich’s layout is always popular with the kids.
I liked this N scale layout.
I liked this N scale layout.
A nice compact layout!
A nice compact layout!
An overview of the room
An overview of the room
Photo contest winners!
Photo contest winners!
Last but certainly not least, the modeling contest winners.
Last but certainly not least, the modeling contest winners.

Thanks to the WMRC for putting on this open house! It was fun!

See Also

The Manitoba Mega Train Show 2016

Pano view of Manitoba Mega Train
Pano view of Manitoba Mega Train 2016

I went to the Manitoba Mega Train show yesterday (September 24). The show is being held at the Red River Exhibition Park. The venue is spacious, allowing lots of room for train layouts, vendors and for other activites like model ship builders, Lego, face painters and more!

Some of the non-train exhibits

I was in line for the 9 AM opening. I’m normally not quite this keen but I had someplace to be in the afternoon, so I wanted to maximize my time there.

This was the view right at 9 AM.

Opening Minutes

You can see John Longhurst in the foreground starting up his portable Thompson River Canyon layout. I interviewed John over at Confessions of a Train Geek.

I spent the first few minutes walking around and looking at the various layouts, in all sizes from Z to HO to O.. maybe even G?

I liked the Pioneer grain elevator

The N scale yard below was quite impressive!

N Scale Yard at the Manitoba Mega Trains show

I saw Sterling Schabler’s impressive square layout and admired his CN slugs. I wish I had taken a better photo, but the photo below will have to do.

Sterling Schabler and his layout
Sterling Schabler’s slug

I chatted with Morgan Turney, publisher of Canadian Railway Modeler and one of the founders of the Kildonan Short Lines HO scale modular layout seen below.

Kildonan Short Lines

The Winnipeg N Trak group was out in full force. It was a very impressive layout!

Winnipeg N Trak!

So many great layouts.

N/Scale Mainliner

I loved the great mile 10.6 Manitoba Pool elevator and the Agricore concrete ‘vator!

Grain elevators FTW!

There were other displays beyond trains… like these ship / submarine models. There were a lot of ships and boats on display. Note the pool where they were running radio control boats!

Dive! Dive! Dive!

There was some face painting too…

Face painting

There was LOTS of Lego, which I love. Very impressive.

Lego displays at Manitoba Mega Train
A very impressive ore dock in Lego
Cool VIA and CN trains in Lego

I bought a few things at the vendor tables… mostly timetables and books but I did buy an Athearn CP crane. I had a lot of fun chatting with vendors and exhibitors and I think the social part of the morning was the best part.

I’ll leave you with a few videos and one more photo of yet another impressive layout. Thanks to the organizers and exhibitors for a great show!


Winnipeg Model Train Show October 2010

Ontario Northlander
I visited the Winnipeg model train show on Saturday (Oct 16). There were several impressive layouts at the show, and here are some photos and video of the event.

The photo above, and the video below, show a model Ontario Northlander running around the Free-Mo layout on the ground floor. I like the Free-Mo idea but I was a little disappointed that it was formed in a traditional rectangle. I understand the need for continuous running but the best part of Free-Mo is that you can join modules together in different configurations.

My son liked this layout.. actually, he liked any of the larger scale layouts. This one had a couple of flashing pumpkins on the layout, which were fun for the kids to find.

This busy layout had Thomas (with Annie & Clarabelle) running around the oval. My son liked that the train disappeared behind the backdrop and came out the tunnel. Even when he discovered where the train went, he was still excited. Note to self – need tunnel on home layout.

I was really impressed by the realism of some of the layouts. Here’s one module on an N-scale layout.

This layout by Paul Ullrich was my son’s favourite. Paul set up several log cars on the side for children to play with. Press the button and the logs dump… reset… repeat… I think my son would have stayed there for hours if I had let him.

A very close second for my son was this layout. I really liked the handcart following the train on the outside – very inventive.

Here’s a portion of the Win-N-Trak layout.

I bought a few intermodal well cars, an autorack, and a used DCC locomotive… my first DCC loco. Soon I will have to buy a DCC starter set!

View the full gallery.

Congratulations and a hearty “well done” to the organizers, exhibitors and vendors.