Spreading Simple Scenery

After visiting the annual NMRA show here in Winnipeg, I was inspired to do some quick simple scenery. Here’s how I did it.

I started with a bare section of painted plywood, and spread diluted white glue over it.

2015-11-07 14.50.06

In the distance you can see sections I had already done.

Once I squeezed the glue onto the plywood, I used my finger to spread it around more or less evenly.

2015-11-07 14.52.09

I mixed two types of grass in my hand and started sprinkling it on. For your information it was Woodland Scenics’ “Fine Turf – Earth”/T42 and “Fine Turf – Burnt Grass” (T44).

2015-11-07 14.52.43

This is what it looked like once I sprinkled the grass on. It’s quite wet.

2015-11-07 14.55.37

Some parts were a little dry, so I spritzed the area with water cut with a bit of alcohol.

2015-11-07 14.56.00

To add a little variety, I mixed up a few types of ground foam.

2015-11-07 14.56.23

I added a few dabs of white glue and stuck the ground foam on. Here’s how it looked, still wet.

2015-11-07 14.59.01

Here’s what it looks like when it is dry. I used my vacuum to clean up the loose bits. My preference is to have scenery that can be vacuumed so I can clean up dust and whatever else falls onto the layout.

2015-11-11 19.04.57

I’m not worried about the edge at this point, since I plan on putting a hardboard fascia on. Once the fascia is on I will fill in the bare bits.