Latest layout plan

Finally we come to the plan I am building to, version 5.

This version features four long tracks of staging each for Miramichi and Campbellton, as well as a single track of staging for each of the Caraquet Subdivision, the Nepisiguit Subdivision, the Irvco spur in Belledune, and the Smurfit-Stone industry in Bathurst. Can you ever have enough staging?

I wanted to model the Smurfit-Stone facility because they had their own switcher, caboose and plow. I thought that would be a nice feature to show them come up to interchange with CN at the junction, just like the prototype did.

There are no provisions for grades in this, which may make it boring from a scenic perspective. Obviously my layout is skewed toward operation, given the number of interchanges and online industries.

I would appreciate any comments, good or bad! 🙂

  • Looking good. My only comment would be to not use long straight aways in the middle loop as for scenery purposes a slight curve will be more realistic to scenic and will make the run seem longer as you can have the train duck in an out of some trees, brush, etc… Also what type of operation are you look for. I don’t see many industries. I like the layout of the town at the top. Unless you are replicating a prototypical line, I would include a few more industries to support operation. Maybe have a small industry or two in the middle loop to support this thought and my previous comment.

    Just food for though but it is looking good.